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Southwest Airlines Co., WN

This page is intended to provide information primarily regarding the travel / airport experience.

For transaction-related information such as refunding information, booking errors, please see our ID Agreement page found in myIDTravel.  You will also find contact information on this page.  

Other Airline travelers should not contact Southwest Airlines Reservations Department or Customer Relations/Refunds Department concerning any nonrevenue issue.  

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Listing for your Flight

Listings are required for all Southwest Airlines flights, and are made through myIDTravel at the time of purchase.  All listings must be made through myIDTravel, our Agents are not able to make listings for other airline travelers.

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You may check in for your flight, add your name(s) to the standby list, and obtain a security document up to 24 hours prior to flight departure online at, at a Southwest kiosk, or by seeing one of our Agents at the airport ticket counters.  

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Boarding policy

Boarding priority is determined by time of check-in.  Southwest Airlines Employees and Eligible Travelers will be accommodated prior to accommodating other airline space available pass holders traveling on ZED passes, followed by other airline commuting flight attendants and pilots.

If you are not accommodated for your flight, our Agents will move you to the next available flight; however, if you do not show up for your flight, your name will be removed from the standby list and you will need to refund your ticket.  

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All standard baggage rules apply.  Please refer to for information concerning excess baggage and over weight baggage fees.

Checked baggage Screening and Identification: Checked baggage will be screened and is subject to physical inspection as mandated by the TSA. Customers may be required to present identification. Regulations require name identification on the outside. We recommend placing identification on the inside of the baggage, too. Name labels are available at Southwest Airlines ticket counters. Once you've checked your luggage, make sure you receive a separate claim check for each piece of baggage you've checked. Check to make sure that the city shown on the claim check(s) matches your final destination. Please see the TSA's web site for a list of prohibited items.

Never place valuables such as money, jewelry, laptops, cellphones, etc., or important items such as medications, keys, or travel documents in your checked luggage.

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Dress code

The dress code on Southwest is casual, and the requirement is simply a neat and well-groomed appearance. Bare feet are never acceptable. Employees and their eligible travelers are expected to use their own good judgment.

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Pet Policy

Please refer to our website for pet policies.  Nonrevenue travelers are subject to the same fee/policy as our Revenue Customers.

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Other Information:  Booking / Rebooking / Refund

Please see the ID Agreement section in myIDTravel and select Southwest Airlines.