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SAS temporarily halt most of the traffic.
Due to the Coronavirus and the measures implemented by various national authorities, the demand for air travel is essentially non-existent.
SAS has therefore decided to put most of its operations on hold, starting Monday March 16th. and until necessary prerequisites for commercial air traffic returns.
To support our customers, we will in the next few days do our utmost to uphold a certain level of operation to enable travelers to return from their destinations.
Routes crucial to the Scandinavian infrastructure will, where possible, be operated. However at a minimum level.
The situation changes almost by the hour, so it's always recommended to check the official website for latest updates.

There are currently no embargoes imposed due to the COVID-19 situation.

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Listing procedures

SAS has comitted itself to ZED travel via myIDTravel.
For information please contact your own airlines Staff Travel Unit

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Visas and Passports

Please remember that for international travel, each passenger must have a valid passport, and must have relevant visas for the destination, and for scheduled points en route, in case off-loading becomes necessary.

Also, some countries require Advance Passenger Information (API), and SAS requires that this must be provided before check-in.

For flights to/from the USA, Secure Flight information must be added at same time of listing/booking is made.
API and ESTA also applies to the USA, but can be added later than at time of listing. Although 72 hrs before departure is recommended. 
CLICK HERE in order to enter required information.
Failure to comply with these requirements will result in cancellation of listing/booking.

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There are no embargoes on SAS Group flights. 

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Flights excluded

Code-shares: Flights not operated by SK or SK designated wetlease provider are not included in ZED and MIBA agreements.

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Check ticket


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All airports with self-service check-in kiosks:

  • Please present yourself at a self-service check-in kiosk at least 60 minutes before your scheduled flight departure (120 minutes for Intercontinental flights).
  • The kiosk will tell you what to do next, so please read the screen carefully.
  • The kiosk will print a boarding pass, which will show your booking reference: this is key information, especially if you are not allocated a seat number by the kiosk.
  • If the kiosk prints a boarding card with a seat number, this means you have been accepted for the flight; please go immediately to the departures lounge and the gate
  • If the kiosk prints a boarding card without a seat number, the kiosk will tell you what to do next.

All other airports:

  • If there is a desk signposted for standby travel, go to that desk.  If there is no signposted standby desk, go to the SAS handling agents check in counter.

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Dress code

SAS has a dress code which is applied to all ID passengers. Please ensure that your attire is appropriate for the cabin of eligibility.

Seat allocation will depend on how you present yourself.  If your attire is inappropriate for the cabin of eligibility, you will be seated in a lower cabin, or may be refused travel.

If there is a need on the day to upgrade on departure to a cabin higher than your cabin of eligibility, those who do not comply with the dress code applicable to the available cabin will not be considered for an upgrade.

  • Travellers should dress in a smart casual style.  
  • Any items of sports or beach wear or any other extremes of leisure wear are unacceptable in any cabin.

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Special service requests

Special meals

  • It is not possible to pre-book special meals for ID passengers except for health reasons on confirmed ticket. 


  • It is not possible to request PETC or AVIH when travelling on SK on ZED/MIBA tickets.
    Exempted are SK employees. 

Seat requests

  • Seat requests are not permitted on ID Travel before check-in.

Unaccompanied minors

  • Children under 16 years cannot travel on an ID ticket unless accompanied by an adult travelling on the same type of ID ticket.

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  • Contact SAS ID Helpdesk at if questions or the need for assistance, but please check the SK information under ID Agreements on myIDTravel.
    For technical support on SAS-myIDTravel contact