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JetBlue Airways Corporation, B6

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Flight listing policy and procedures

Reservations are no longer accepted via our 800 number and cannot be made at the airport.

  • If you do not have your airline's log-in, please contact your carrier's staff travel department.

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Flights excluded

  • Flights not operated by JetBlue Airways.

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  • Online Check-in is available 24 hours and until 90 min prior to departure at or via our Mobile app for iOS and Android. By checking via our Self-Service channels, this will place you on the standby priority list by your check-in time stamp. When traveling on a connecting flight, you should only check-in for your first segment. The system will automatically place you on the priority list for your connection when you are cleared in your origin city. Attempting to check-in for the connecting segment only will result in a lower boarding priority as you will not retain your original time stamp. Kiosk check-in is available up until 30 minutes prior to departure.

    Those needing further assistance at the airport may utilize JetBlue's full-service check-in counters, except those designated for Mint customers and members of JetBlue's Mosaic program.

Dress code

  • Acceptable: Attire which is clean, well maintained and in good taste. Shirts with sleeves and collars, tee-shirts, walking shorts (not shorter than 3" above the knee), nice jeans/denims, dress slacks, skirts, dresses, jogging suits, dress shoes, open-toe shoes, and nice sneakers.
  • Not Acceptable: Attire that is torn, ragged, slashed, dirty, frayed, low cut, skimpy, or revealing. Attire with offensive or sexually oriented inscriptions or messages, halter/tube/midriff tops, sweats of any kind, leggings, beach or swim wear, body piercing, tattoos (cover from view), and shoes that are dirty, stained, or worn in appearance.