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Brussels Airlines N.V., SN

(known as "Brussels Airlines")

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COVID-19 : flight suspension (March-May 2020)

Brussels Airlines resumes some operations as from 15th June 2020, starting with a limited flight offer in Europe and in Africa, that will be built up gradually in the months to come according to the market demand and to the travel restrictions.

Wearing a nose-mouth covering mask (incl. homemade) is required. Additional information on our sanitary measures can be found here :

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Specific rule on Brussels Airlines flights

As a courtesy to the crew, we recommend to introduce yourself when entering the aircraft.

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Additional security measures at Brussels Airport

Since January 01st, 2018, every passengers must present a valid Identity Document or Passport before boarding the aircraft. This is also valid for flights within the Schengen area.


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Flight listing policy and procedures

  • On Brussels Airlines flights, listing is recommended by latest 24 hours before the flight. 
  • For tickets purchased via MyIDTravel, the listing is done by the system upon ticket issuance. 
  • For tickets purchased and issued outside MyIDTravel, listing can be done by sending an email to . Allow sufficient time between your request and your travel date : Staff Travel Office has restricted opening hours and does not work on Saturday and Sunday. The e-ticket number is required for correct listing.
  • Staff not listed will not be refused, however they are required to have at least their ticket number available to ease the check-in process.
  • Refund is processed automatically and immediately by MyIDTravel.
  • If you have been downgraded, you can request a refund of the fare difference in MyIDtravel. Note that your PNR should not be active anymore. There must be a difference in class (not in product). Travelling on a jumpseat is considered as a travel in economy class - downgrade refund from business class to jumpseat is not automated.
  • ID tickets must be booked in RBD I for business class, in RBD R for premium economy class and in RBD X for economy class. Issuing a ticket with the wrong RBD will prevent a correct listing and might lead to refusal. 

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Visas and Passports and API/PNR data

  • Travel documents for the final destination : Any passenger with reduced fare tickets should meet the entry conditions for final destination (passport, visa, vaccination, currency,…). If the employee or one of his/her beneficiaries (children, buddy travellers, …) does not comply with entry regulations, all fines imposed on Brussels Airlines will be charged back to the employee.  
  • Travel documents for intermediate stopovers : When travelling on flights with one or more stopovers, the holder of a reduced fare ticket may be requested to give his/her seat to a paying passenger.  It means that he/she will be disembarked at the stopover. In this case, he/she should be in possession of valid travel documents to allow last-minute emission of entry permits (visa, vaccination) for which he/she will bear the costs (except for confirmed ID tickets).   If the employee or one of his/her beneficiaries (children, buddy travellers, …) does not comply with entry regulations, all fines imposed on Brussels Airlines will be charged back to the employee.
  • Passenger data contained in the PNR and/or passport (API) might be sent to the authorities of departure and/or arrival.

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  • Currently no embargo on Brussels Airlines flights
  • If tickets are issued via MyIDtravel, possible embargoes will be indicated in MyIDTravel to prevent ticket issuance.

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Flights included

  • All flights bearing a number below SN4000 are part of our ID agreements and are therefore eligible to travel with ID tickets, irrespective of the operator. 

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Flights excluded

  • All codeshare flights not operated by b.air are excluded : all flights bearing a number above SN4000 are not eligible to travel with ID tickets.
  • Bus, train and charter services are excluded.

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Checked baggage

  • Travel in economy class : 1 piece (max. 23Kg)
  • Travel in business class : 2 pieces (max. 32 Kg per piece)
  • 1 free hand baggage is allowed in all cases (max. 12Kg)

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Dress code

  • ID ticket holders’ overall appearance should be well-groomed, neat, clean and in good taste. Attire should be respectful of revenue passengers.
  • Employees who intend to travel in business class must adapt their appearance accordingly. This implies that formal business attire is required and jeans are not allowed.

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  • In general, check-in should be done no later than 60 minutes prior to departure. However latest check-in time to/from Africa destinations including Tel Aviv is different and might go up to 120 minutes before departure.
  • ID travelers can check-in online on . If the flightload allows it, a seat will be granted. If not, a Stand-by Boarding Pass will be issued to allow the ID traveler to go through security. Seat, if available, will then be allocated at the gate shortly before boarding.  

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Special service requests

  • Wheelchair (WCHR) is available for stand-by and confirmed ID travel : please send an email to with the PNR and the type of wheelchair requested. For cases involving medical assistance, the greenlight from the medical department is required.
  • All other Special Service Requests, including special UMNR, are only available for confirmed bookings. It is impossible to request those on stand-by tickets. The booking and ticketing should be first finalised; a copy of those must be sent to with the request. Some SSRs are not for free : a payment should also be provided.


  • Unaccompanied minors

    Only available for confirmed tickets - not possible on stand-by. Same rules and procedures as for revenue passengers. On Brussels Airlines, a UMNR is a child over 5 and under 12 years not being accompanied by a person over 12 years. UMNR must be notified by the correct SSR in the PNR. Check the applicable service charge on our website - practical info - travelling with children - unaccompanied minors. 


  • Pets in cabin

Transport of animals in cabin is subject to governmental regulations concerning import, export and transit of live animals. Only smalldomesticanimals, like cats and dogs, are transported. Birds, fish and rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, etc) are not permittedin thepassengercabin.

No PETC on flights to the UK - No PETC to/from Kenya

The passenger must provide all necessary documents (export, import or transit permits, health and /or vaccination certificates, animal ID)

The animal must be clean, healthy, harmless and odourless. It may not be pregnant.

animal must be kep in a soft-sided leak and smell-proof bag : it must remain inside the bag (including head and tail) during the wholeflight.Thebag must be placed under the seat and not on seat.

The maximum weight of the animal and its container is 8kg/13lbs.