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Philippine Airlines Inc., PR

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Flight listing policy and procedures

  • Flight listing for space available travel is required.  Passengers without a flight listing may be denied boarding.                                                                                                   
  • Other airline staff flying PAL on ZED must call a  PAL Reservations office at least 24 hours before the flight departure to request for flight/meal list.                                         
  • Contact Info:
    In MNL:  (632) 855-8888
    In USA/Canada:  Toll Free:  1-800-435-9725
    In other stations, please contact our local Reservations office, if applicable.

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Visas and Passports and API

  • Passengers must possess valid tickets and proper travel documents  (i.e. valid passports,  visas/entry permits, health certificates, if required) for all countries to or via which they travel, unless an exemption to that effect is granted by country authorities.
  • PR reserves the right to deny boarding to any traveller who does not hold the appropriate documents for any point to be transited on the route.

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  • In line with the planned cutover of our new passenger service systems, Amadeus Altea, by 23 March 2019, Philippine Airlines will implement an embargo for staff travel from 18 March to 30 March 2019. This advisory is issued to avoid any inconvenience that may be caused by the cutover phase on travel requirements and plans that may fall during this period.  Please ensure that your employees are informed accordingly.
  •  An embargo is usually imposed on new flight routes for the first 30 days of operation.

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Flights excluded (as of 21 March 2018)

PR International flights on the following routes (subject to change):

International RouteFlight No.
CRK-SEL vvPR492/493
CEB-SEL vvPR484/485
KLO-PUS vvPR482/483
KLO-ICN vvPR486/487, PR488/489
TPE-OSA vvPR896/897
 MNL-PUS vvPR418/419 
 MNL-SEL vvPR466/467/468/469 

c)  PR / PAL EXPRESS (2P) Domestic Code Share flights on the following domestic routes and flight numbers (effective until 27 October 2018/subject to change)          

Domestic RouteFlight No.*
MNL-CRM vvPR2079/2080
MNL- CYP vvPR2071/2072
MNL-MBT vv  PR2021/2022
MNL-MPH vvPR2039/2040, PR2045/2046, PR2043/2044, PR2051/2052, PR2059/2060, PR2041/2042, PR2057/2058, PR2049/2050, PR2063/2064, PR2053/2054
MNL-SUG vvPR2095/2096
MNL-TBH vvPR2077/2078
MNL-TUG vvPR2014/2015
MNL-USU vvPR2031/2032, PR2033/2034
MNL-WNP vvPR2265/2266, PR2261/2262
CEB-BCD vvPR2285/2286, PR2287/2288, PR 2289/2290
CEB-BXU vvPR2361/2362, PR2335/2336, PR2393-2394
CEB-CGY vvPR2295/2296, PR2293/2294, PR2297/2298, PR2313-2316
CEB-DVO vvPR2363/2364, PR2365/2366, PR2367/2368
CEB-ILO vvPR2380/2381, PR2384/2385, PR2386/2387,PR2398/2399
CEB-TAC  vvPR2334/2235, PR2236/2237, PR2238/2239
GES- ILO vv PR2891-2892
MNL-OZC vv PR2889-2990
MNL-LAO vv PR2196-2199
CEB-USU vv PR2664-2665/2680-2683
CEB-MPH vv PR2368-2369
CEB-CGM vv PR2929-2930
CEB-DPL vv PR2559-2560
CEB-GES vv PR2357-2358
CEB-KLO vv PR238, PR2240-2241
CEB-LGP vv PR2925-2928
CEB-OZC vv PR2893-2896
CEB-PPS vv PR2347-2348, PR2353-2354
CEB-IAO vv PR2374-2375, PR2382-2383
CEB-ZAM vv PR2991-2992, PR2995-2996
CRK-EUQ vv PR2205-2206
CRK-BCD vv PR2331-2332
CRK-BSO vv PR2673-2674
CRK-USU vv PR2678-2679, PR2686-2687
CRK-CYP vv PR2671-2672
CRK-CRM vv PR2376-2377
CRK-CEB vv PR835-836, PR1833-1834
CRK-DVO vv PR831-832, PR2839-2840
CRK-PPS vv PR2340-2341
CRK-SWL vv PR2662-2663
CRK-IAO vv PR2875-2876
DVO-ILO vv PR2539-2540
DVO-IAO vv PR2378-2379, PR2391-2392, PR2395-2396
DVO-TAG vvPR2370-2373
DVO-ZAM vvPR2591-2594
ZAM-TWT vvPR2485-2486

*Please note that flight numbers may change.                                                                      


d) PR/2P International Code share flights on MNL-SPN vv operated by 2P (planned operations eff Jun 15, 2016)

e) PR/EY International Code Share flights on MNL-AUH vv operated by EY

f) PR/GF International Code Share flights on MNL-BAH vv operated by GF                     

g) PR/MH International Code Share flights on MNL-KUL vv operated by MH

h) PR/TK International Code Share flights on MNL-IST vv operated by TK

i) PR/MF International Code Share flights on MNL-JJN vv and MNL-XMN vv operated by MF

j) PR/CI International Code Share flights on MNL-TPE vv operated by CI

k) PR/CX International Code Share flights on CEB-HKG vv operated by CX

l) PR/NH International Code Share flights on FUK-Japan Domestic vv, NGO-Japan Domestic vv, MNL-HND vv, HND-Japan Domestic vv, MNL-NRT vv, NRT-Japan Domestic vv operated by NH

m) PR/WS International Code Share flights in series 1900-1999 operated by West Jet/West Jet Encore



Checked baggage

Cabin baggage

  • Each passenger is allowed one (1) piece of cabin/hand carry-on baggage small enough to be placed in the overhead bin or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin with a  maximum dimension (length+width+height) of 45 inches (115 cm) and maximum weight  of 7 kg (15 lbs).
  • In addition to free cabin/hand carry-on baggage, passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on item (e.g. handbag, pocketbook or purse, overcoat/wrap or blanket, laptop with case)

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a)  For Open Flight

Non-revenue (ZED, etc.) passengers shall be processed and accepted as soon as they check-in.      

b)  For Fully Booked Flight   

Non-revenue passengers shall be listed on standby.  Accomodation of non-revenue passengers  will be initiated at the counter 45 minutes before ETD and must conform to the provision of the Priority Classification.  Upon release of the boarding pass, non-revenue passengers are advised to clear with CIQ and immediately proceed to the boarding gate.

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Check-in times

  • Passengers are requested to check-in at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights.

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Through check-in

  • Not available.

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Dress code

  • It is the employees' responsibility to ensure that they and their qualified dependents are  aware of and adhere to PAL's dress code.  Those who are improperly dressed will be   denied boarding.  The following dress code must be observed:                                            

a)  For Males on PAL International Flights 

- Long/short sleeve shirt with collar
- Slacks or neat and decent denims (no patches, holes, stains etc.)

b)  For Females on PAL International Flights

-  Dress, suit, blouse
-  Slacks or neat and decent denims
-  Split skirt/culottes

c)  Children must be well groomed and neatly dressed in clothing appropriate for travel

  • In summary, clean, neat and conservative clothing is acceptable.

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Special service requests

Special meals

  • Special meals are not available to any standby / ZED passengers.

Seat requests

  • Seat requests can only be made upon check-in.  However, specific seats assigned upon check-in may be changed to accommodate commercial requirements.

Unaccompanied minors

  • Not applicable for standby / ZED travel.