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Air New Zealand, NZ

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Staff from your airline can travel on NZ flights operated by Air New Zealand.

Travel includes flights on Air NZ Link airlines (regional airlines within New Zealand): Eagle Airways, Air Nelson and Mount Cook Airline. All have flight numbers commencing with NZ.

Economy is the only class operated by Air NZ for New Zealand Domestic, and most trans-Tasman and Pacific Islands flights.

AIR NZ’s Premium Economy class (O class) is not able to be booked using myIDTravel.

During periods of high commercial demand, Air NZ may temporarily exclude (embargo) flights for interline staff travellers.

No bus, train or ferry services are included.

Fares will not earn Air New Zealand Airpoints or status points.

Paid seat selection is not available.

Pre-paid extra baggage is not available but can be purchased at the airport.

Infants do not get a separate baggage allowance. An infant and/or child is permitted to carry a stroller and/or car seat free of charge.

Meal selection is not available, for example vegetarian, allergy-free meals.

Standby travel is popular on Air NZ. If you need certainty for your travel, it is recommended you purchase a commercial fare at

Standby travel departing Nelson (NSN), New Zealand:

-          Please be aware that due to payload restrictions, standby Staff Travel opportunities from Nelson on weekdays (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) on flights departing between 0800 and 1700 NZT are limited if you have checked luggage.

We suggest that if you are intending to travel through this time, you travel either with cabin baggage only, or purchase a commercial fare at

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Booking / Listing

Please ensure you allow for minimum connection times, generally 2-3 hours for international and 45 mins for domestic New Zealand.

Lap-held infants cannot currently be booked using myIDTravel for Domestic NZ-only. There are no issues for booking in myIDTravel on international and any domestic journey where there’s an international leg.

-          If myIDTravel shows the error message at Shopping Basket "Unknown Communication Error" or "Domestic bookings with infants not supported", please start the booking again without the infant.

-          Then, anytime up to 1 hour prior to the Domestic flight’s departure, call Air NZ Reservations to request the infant’s name be manually added. Please provide the booking reference (PNR).

Listing is mandatory on all NZ flights.

If your ticket number begins with 086 a listing is automatically created when purchasing your eticket. If your original travel listing date has passed, you must access your ticket on myIDTravel and list again for your new travel date.

If your ticket does not begin with 086 you must contact NZ's contract centre on +64 357 3000 to create your listing. Please have your ticket number available.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) on domestic New Zealand fares:

If your ticket number begins with 086, GST is payable for domestic flights. myIDTravel includes GST in the ‘Total Government Taxes’, not in the ‘Fare’, and rounds GST to the nearest 1 decimal place in NZD.

Once the payment is validated, you will automatically receive an eTicket itinerary receipt by email. 

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Check which terminal applies to your flight. For example, Auckland Airport has two terminal buildings, Domestic and International. See 


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Checked baggage allowance is one [1] piece per person up to a maximum of 23kg per piece. This is for domestic, Trans-Tasman, Pacific Islands and most long haul flights with the exception of flights to Singapore, Taipei and Shanghai which allow two [2] checked bags at a maximum of 23kg per piece.  Extra pieces can be purchased at the airport at the normal airport excess baggage rate.

Infants do not get a separate baggage allowance. An infant is permitted to carry a stroller and/or car seat free of charge.


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Check-in process

-          Domestic New Zealand flights – report to Air NZ economy check-in desk at least 30 minutes prior to departure. 

-          International flights – report to the Air NZ economy check-in in desk 2-3 hours prior to departure. 

-          Onloading will be at boarding gate subject to loadings/space available, by boarding priority then by date of joining (DOJ).

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Air NZ’s dress code

-          A high standard of dress is required by everyone travelling on staff travel. As a guideline the following are not acceptable: tracksuits, frayed or patched jeans, singlet tops, jandals (flip flops), bare midriffs or bare feet. Smart casual shorts are acceptable. Dress jeans can be worn in the premium cabins.

-          Airport staff have the ability to deny loading and/or upgrades if they consider your standard of dress is not acceptable.

-          If your agreement allows travel in the upper cabins, a higher standard of dress is required for upgrades such as business attire. Airport staff have authority to decline upgrades on this basis.

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-          Changes to date and/or time only are permitted and must be done in myIDTravel

When using Rebook, if a radio button does not appear, the flight is not operated by Air NZ. Remember that codeshares of Air NZ are not allowed to be booked on. Click on the underlined flight number to go to a page that provides more information and the reason you cannot book.

Use the Rebook button to do this. [Note: myIDTravel offers another way to do this: cancel and Relist – do not use the Relist button]

-          To change a route you must first cancel and refund (this is two separate steps) and then make a fresh booking.

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-          Full Refunds will be processed automatically with the myIDTravel fee will be refunded.

-          Partial Refund requests will be processed manually and may take some time. The myIDTravel fee is not refundable for partially used tickets.

-          A ticket is considered "expired" after one year from date of issue. After a year, the ticket has no value and is not eligible to be reissued or refunded.

-          If contacting Air NZ Refunds for assistance, please provide your airline code, employee ID, name, booking reference(s) (PNR) and ticket number(s).