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April 6, 2015 - new dress code requirements in place, see below!

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** Effective 15 June 2016 **

For ISTA PARTNER CARRIERS with an agreement, each ZED eligible & companion is allowed 1 FREE carry-on item (up to 15lb / 6 kg) and ONE FREE CHECKED BAG not to exceed 50 lbs (23kg).  Carry-ons for CALIFORNIA operations are allowed up to 40 lbs (20kg) free of charge.  Normal baggage fees apply for each additional or oversized piece.

If we do NOT have a reciprocal agreement, there are no waivers on checked luggage; standard baggage charges will apply.   

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Dress code - applies to ALL pass riders

Non-revenue travelers are expected to dress in business casual, not necessarily Sunday best, but try to blend in if you can. 

  • Dress code is a slightly relaxed business casual for all pass riders.
  • No flip-flops or sandals for men; women are allowed dress sandals.
  • No clothing with words or graphics of a sexually explicit nature
  • No clothing with language that could be remotely perceived as offensive
  • No revealing tank tops or strapless tops
  • No mini skirts, short shorts or anything you would describe as micro (in this case, less is not more!)
  • No ripped or torn clothing
  • No lycra pants, yoga pants or workout wear.
  • No pajamas
  • Remove all company IDs / lanyards
  • No foul odor / strong odor / unclean clothes
  • Do not discuss any free or reduced rate travel with other passengers
  • MEN SHOULD NOT be in basic t shirts; they need to be dress t shirts or a v-neck.  
  • Jeans are allowed that are CLEAN, free of stains/odors and are NOT "designer" jeans with tears and rips.

No flip flops, board shorts with t shirt, etc.  Men can wear dress sandals that cover 1/2 your foot; women may wear slippers as long as it is part of a dress. Single color jeans are acceptable with no rips/tears - fashion jeans with writing/lots of metal are not allowed.  Women should not wear strapless tops or spaghetti string tops - undergarments should NOT be visible.  Please remove airline lanyards from your neck and/or person as to not draw attention to you.  Our planes are fairly small and conversations can carry - passengers are always inquisitive of our business and it is easy to ease drop in on others discussions.  

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Flight listing policy and procedures

Please check to see if Mokulele Airlines is available in myIDtravel.   Reservations staff are only able to assist with a select few airlines & agreements; otherwise please email

For all others (NO agreement in place), please call 808.495.4188, identify yourself as an airline employee and ask for the "XOA" rate.   Please pay for your service charge when listing to avoid delays at the ticket counter.  Our fees for non-bilateral airline employee travel is $35.00 USD + taxes each direction.  Fees are refundable or convertable to a voucher if you do not make a flight.  Voucher can be used for revenue or non-revenue travel for up to 1 year from date of issue.

You do NOT need to be listed in advance, however it is recommended.

We require proof of eligibility for dependents and your eligibles when flying.  This can be a print off from your airline's benefits page, internal booking system, or a letter from your HR department/manager.   Your eligible's names, relationship to employee, and date of birth should be visible.  

Mokulele also welcomes companions to fly with the employee for $35 USD on a space available basis.

No employee discount on air cargo at this time.

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myIDtravel is presently open for bookings for our ZED travel partners.

You can only LIST and CANCEL in the portal.  If you need to CHANGE your flight, please contact our reservations office at 808.495.4188 or ask a Mokulele agent at the airport.   You can also only book no more than *TWO* passenger types at a time in myIDtravel.. ie - employee + spouse + child may result in an error; but if you book only employee + child you should be successful.

All flights are "ticketless", you will receive a 7 digit confirmation number.  

We have not been able to build all connections for pricing in our system, so if you wish to fly from Honolulu to Hana, you will need to build this flight as Honolulu to Kahului, then Kahului to Hana as a MULTI SEGMENT journey.   Some of our more popular connections are already built and should show proper pricing.

If you wish to bring a companion with you, you will need to call Reservations at 808.495.4188 or email for your companion (if they are not listed in myIDtravel).

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Please check-in at least 30 minutes before departure at all airports EXCEPT Honolulu.  Please check-in at least 60 minutes prior at HNL and LAX.   We do not require TSA screening except for HNL, and California network departures.   MW is not a participating TSA PreCheck carrier yet.

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Non-revs will be cleared based on time of check-in and body weight may also be taken into account.  We may not clear a flight until 10 minutes before departure.  Please allow ample flexibility when flying.   We clear in the following order:

  1. MW team members & eligibles
  2. MW eligibles NOT flying with team member
  3. OAL staff & eligibles with commercial ticketing agreement (AS, NZ)
  4. OAL staff & eligibles WITH employee travel agreement
  5. OAL staff & eligibles - no official agreement and JUMPSEATERS

Seating will be based on body weight for proper weight and balance of the Cessna Grand Caravan.

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Changes to Bookings

myIDtravel listings: please contact reservations or ask a Mokulele team member to change your reservation.  myIDtravel listings can only allow for NEW listings and CANCEL.  Rebook is not available via myIDtravel.

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Most of our flights operate with a two-person crew, but in the event there is a single pilot operation, we are not able to transport a non-MW flight member in the FO seat if there are 9 passengers on board the aircraft.   Jumpseaters are welcome to non-rev on MW as long as a cabin seat is available.  Please remove all forms of airline-identification if you can, unless you are traveling in uniform.

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MW grants a FIRST BAG FEE waiver for travelers who work for companies that have bilateral travel agreements with Mokulele.  2nd bag fee is $25, 3rd bag fee $35, and each additional is $35.  If you book via the XOA rate, meaning we do NOT have a bilateral agreement, you will be subject to the normal bag fees as revenue customers.  Carry-on items are limited to 15 pounds maximum.   We can carry only smaller surf boards. 

We no longer charge for PETS IN CABIN, however you MUST contact reservations to reserve space for your pet.   Pets MUST travel in the cabin of the aircraft as we do not have space in our cargo for pet carriers.

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OAL staff & eligibles with commercial ticketing agreements

If you work for Alaska, Air New Zealand  and Qantas we have an interline e-ticketing agreement in place.  While we may not have a formal employee travel agreement, you are welcome to fly on Mokulele at the "XOA" rate.  We also extend a 25% discount to you off our REGULAR published fares (YMW, BMW, QMW) - please email our pass bureau to book, do NOT call reservations.  You will be allowed 1 checked bag, free of charge, under 50 pounds.

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OAL staff & eligibles with employee travel agreements

If Mokulele has an employee travel agreement in place with your airline, we will also extend a 25% discount to you and your eligibles (WHEN flying with employee) valid only on NORMAL, PUBLISHED fares.  You will be allowed 1 checked bag, free of charge, under 50 pounds.  Please email our pass bureau to book.  ID25s are extended ONLY to those airlines who have a signed ISTA or Employee Travel Agreement in place.

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Companion Travel

Mokulele welcomes any airline employee to bring along ONE non-eligible travel companion.    Travel companion will need to be booked via our call center by calling 808.495.4188.

Feel free to email with any questions.

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Please email to request refunds of any fees paid.  Refunds may take up to two weeks to process.

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Updated: 12 June 2016  NV