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Travelling needs good planning.

Entry regulations of various destinations may still be restrictive and require registration, testing etc. Therefore it's important to check the latest entry regulations for your journey. Following links help to plan:

You might be required to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth,  depending on the regulations of your destination, during transit and of the country of departure, or when instructed to do so by the crew to protect If there is a mask mandate on a certain route, this applies for both the outbound and return flight.  

Find all supportive info on or on


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  • ID travelers have no right to claim any special wishes such as seat reservation, lounge access, special meals, free excess baggage, etc.
  • Neither the collection of miles nor any redemption in connection with ID tickets is permitted. Travelling with ID tickets excludes the benefits of a frequent flyer program membership.
  • In general ID passengers travelling with any kind of ID duty or privat ticket in economy or business class, even when holding a confirmed reservation, have no access to airport lounges. However, it is possible to purchase a Lounge Voucher on for access to the SWISS Business lounges in GVA and ZRH. Cost of this voucher is CHF 49.-- (no ID discount !). Voucher is non-refundable. Purchase on only.

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Flight listing/booking policy and procedures

For all airlines:

  • Listing/booking is mandatory for NIET (myID) and IET tickets (ID according to agreement in place).
  • For passenger figures/loads do not contact our Call Centers or Airport ATO .
  • List for one flight only (precautionary listings for more than one flight or in more than one class are not allowed).

For ZED/MIBA Airlines :

myidtravel carrier (NIET)

  • list/book online via own internal direct link
  • Confirmation will be sent direct to your email address
  • Find the passenger figures/loads on myIDTravel. Do not contact our Call Centers or Airport ATO
    Please mind that enquiries regarding booking situation will not be replied by SWISS.  

non-myidtravel carrier (IET)

  • list online via :
    Log-in User: 2-letter Airline code + staff  ( e.g.AAstaff)
    Log-in Password: first 3 numbers of airline ticket ( e.g.001)
  • LX Listing confirmation will be sent directly to your email address 
  • Contact  to revalidate your open IET ticket with LX listing. 
  • Find the passenger figures/loads on myIDTravel. Do not contact our Call Centers or Airport ATO
    Please mind that enquiries regarding booking situation will not be replied by SWISS.
  • Only send message to if you encounter an issue during listing/cancellation process for an LX flight


Listing for SN/LY staff with ID00R2/B2/ID90R2 (acc. to Neighborhood Agreements)

Listings for ID tickets based on Neighborhood Agreement and not issued on LX designator e.g. ID00R2/N2 etc. cannot be done via myidtravel.
E-mail your listing request to:


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Visas and Passports & API/ESTA

  • The necessary travel documents such as passport, visa or vaccination certificates must be acquired and their validity must be checked by the traveler before starting the trip. SWISS accepts no responsibility for missing or invalid documents. Fines imposed to SWISS, resulting from non-compliance with official requirements, will be fully passed on to the traveler.
  • It's important to check the latest entry regulations for your journey. Following links help to plan:
  • USA -  ESTA and API required  more...
  • INDIA - For all travel to India and or transiting India a Visa is always required !! 
  • SOUTH AFRICA - additional documentation needed by persons under the age of 18 years for travel to and from South Africa more...
  • CANADA - Citizens from visa-free countries will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before flying to or transiting through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens more...

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Wetleased flights

SWISS has some foreign carriers under contract which operate on behalf of SWISS (wet leased). Flights are pure SWISS flights and not Code Shared if the flight ranges LX 001-2999 & LX8000-8999 are operated by one of the  below mentioned airlines:

Austrian (OS) /  Edelweiss Air (WK) / Helvetic Airlines (2L) / Air Baltic (BT)

These wet leased flights are included in ZED & MIBA.

On LX/WK flights it's mandatory to travel with paper printed e-ticket!


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  • LX 3000-4999 (code-share flights)
  • LX 7400-7899 (train & bus)
  • LX 9000-9999
  • LX 2168/2169 GVA-PMI-GVA 
  • LX 2438/2439 GVA-KTT-GVA


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  • Related to the ZED bag rule - SWISS (LX) & Edelweiss Air (WK) offers free bag allowance to their ID Traveler as follows:.  

          Economy: 1 Piece x23kg/50lb
          Business: 2 Piece x32kg/70lb

  • The carriage of baggage of ID travelers is also subject to the space availability and any weight restrictions which may apply to the flight. For excess baggage the regular full-fare passengers rules apply and it must be paid in full at the normal rates. Check also
  • Specific restrictions apply to the transportation of certain objects in an aircraft. Find more details on

Checked baggage

  • According to international standard - it is forbidden to carry items in favour of third parties.
  • Check baggage through - see info here under 'Check-in & times'

Cabin baggage

  • 1 hand-luggage according to  international standard or according to the LX responsible booking class. Must be able to lift it into the overhead locker yourself. Check also


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Boarding policy Standby

  • STAR Prio  LX75
  • MIBA Prio  LX78
  • ZED Prio   LX87
  • Without a listing  LX92


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Check-in & times

  • Different according to the standard of the responsible airport - check
  • Web check-in possible for ID firm and standby travel
  • Earliest 23h before departure 
  • When not mentioned at least 60 minutes before your scheduled flight departure.
  • Using self-service kiosks when listing already done.
  • Mobile check-in also possible when ticketing done via
  • Find all check-in information on

Security measures for flights to US

  • In addition to the controls of electronic devices already introduced, travelers to the USA might now also face short interviews at check-in, document check or gate. 
  • SWISS Economy passengers departing from Geneva must check in at least 90 minutes prior to departure. 
    Check-in times for business class travelers remain unchanged.
  • Departing from  Zurich, SWISS recommends that its passengers are at the airport at least three (3)  hours before departure.
  • We recommend checking in online the evening before departure.
  • Passengers travelling to the United States are requested to arrive at the airport in due time before departure.

Through check-in

  • Basically possible for firm ZED & MIBA booked passengers.
  • In some cases not available to standby (or "space available") passengers. 
  • No through check-in for flights via e.g. USA, flights GRU/RIO and connecting flights with PG due to technical or immigration reasons
  • Other through check-in restrictions or special rules may apply. Therefore, when planning your trip, please ensure you leave yourself enough time to land and check-in again at any intermediate point.


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Special Service

  • Standby travel  is not possible for BLIND and DEAF, pax wil be rejected by LX! However, firm booked ID travel is possible. In this case pax must register the medical case by emailing  to at least one week prior to departure. Otherwise SWISS reserves the right to reject pax.
  • DEAF passengers, not accompanied by an hearing dog, are able to fly standby.
  • It is not possible to pre-book special meals for any rebate passengers
  • Wheelchair for passengers with reduced mobility possible for booking. Email to
  • Seat requests are not permitted when travelling with ID Tickets.
  • Child under 16 years cannot travel on a rebate ticket unless accompanied by an adult travelling on the same type of rebate ticket.
  • UMNR(unaccompanied minor) service can be requested for children age 16 to 17 and  if they are travelling with firm ID tickets. This service is not available for standby travel.
  • PETC (Pet in Cabin) - a softsided  petpack must be provided by the passenger.
    Size must not exceed total sum of 118cm/46in  (55 x 40 x 23 cm)  and maximum weight 08kgs/17lbs. Petpack must fit under the seat in front of pax. Only one petpack is permitted per passenger. PETC is always subject to payment of excess baggage, even if the hand luggage is less than 8kgs. Passengers have to to observe any import & country restrictions and is responsible for all  document requirements before travel. PETC must be booked/registered in advanced. For registration email to PETC are also subject to load. Find more detailed info and also the form which is needed for the check in on
  • AVIH (animals in hold) - this service is not provided by LX for foreign airlines when travelling as ID passenger.
  • BIKE is also subject to load. For any pre-info send an e-mail to
  • Other SPORTS equipment included in free baggage allowance and subject to no extra charge. Fees have to be paid for baggage exceeding in number, size and/or weight. Find all details on 


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Dress code on SWISS & Edelweiss air

All beneficiaries must be appropriately dressed and groomed for the respective class of travel. They must meet the SWISS image and common standard of travel class.  ID- travelers in worn-out, dirty or torn clothes, in beach attire, flip flops, tank tops, shorts or jogging outfit will not be accepted on board.

For travel in  Business and First class, casual business clothing must be worn (ties are not obligatory).
For travel in Economy, neat and appropriate leisure clothing is required;  however we strongly  recommend to dress up for higher Business class in case an upgrade to Business class upon departure is possible. 
This dress-code applies on SWISS flights & on Edelweiss flights; including flights to leisure destinations.
The stations have the obligation to downgrade or even refuse improperly dressed ID-passengers.


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Ticketing & Travel Info

Standby travel 

  • ID tickets can be used out of sequence

LX flights operated by WK 

Important: It's mandatory to travel with paper printed e-ticket!

We strongly recommend to print out your e-ticket confirmation and keep this receipt throughout your journey. Especially recommended for EDW short-term listings as well bookings which were originally on waitlist and confirmed within 25 hours before departure.

BUE/SAO flights

  • If the ID standby traveler boards in BUE (EZE) with low chances to continue its trip in SAO (GRU) and gets offloaded in  SAO, then a new ticket for SAO-ZRH is needed. 
  • Therefore we recommend to buy a separate ID standby backup ticket for BUE-SAO.
  • BUE station allows to board standby passangers as there are more possibilities in SAO to fly to EU with other carriers than out of BUE.
  • Mind, in case the ID passenger is offloaded in SAO, no refund will be done retrospectively for its BUE-ZRH ID flight coupon.
  • In case ID passenger is offloaded or downgraded in SAO with a BUE-SAO-ZRH ID ticket the regular refund procedures apply - see here under 'Refund Info'

NBO/DAR-ZRH flights 

  • Ticket can be now issued with two flight coupons ZRH-DAR-ZRH.
  • When travelling with etickets on LX, always hold the copy of eticket ready at check-in.  Note NBO accepted pax can still  be offloaded when flight went full in DAR. Please be prepared with backup tickets. If NBO-ZRH pax offloaded in DAR please contact us via as we will refund these tickets (except the NBO departure tax).


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Refund Info

myIDTravel ticket

  • refund unused ticket online via myIDtravel
  • Do not use chargeback to refund your ticket. SWISS reserves the right to dispute an illegitimate chargeback and charge the additional chargeback fees to the cardholder.
  • Basically a refund for a downgrade can be requested latest up to 1 month after travel.
    E-mail the refund request to Always attach all involved boarding-passes.
    - Refund requests mailed later than 1 month and/or without boarding slips cannot be handled. 
    - No downgrade refund is processed for: Aeromexico (AM), Bangkok Airways (PG), Eurowings (EW), Hawaiian (HA), LOT (LO), South African Airlines (SA),  Saudia (SV)

Find detailed info on myIDTravel under 'ID Agreements'


Other ID ticket

  • refund unused ticket at the place of issue

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If you need support you can contact us by e-mail as follows:  

myIDTravel issues

  • Only send  message to if you :
      - encounter an issue during booking/cancellation or refund process for an LX flight
      - mail your boarding-pass due to downgrading

Find further information regarding booking, payment, refund etc. in the myIDTravel system under " ID Agreements"


ID travel issues    

For all other ID travel issues send an e-mail to  


 last update  12.07.2023/IR/BSLLX0662