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Etihad Airways, EY

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Covid-19 Notices

  • face mask is required onboard Etihad flights. Children under 2 are not required to wear a mask whilst those aged 2 to 5 are recommended to wear a mask as long as they can tolerate it. Children 6 and above must follow the requirement to wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene and social distancing. Anyone who becomes symptomatic (cough, flu like symptoms, fever) shall be moved to the onboard quarantine zone.  
  • You also may be required by local law to wear a face covering in the airport where your trip begins, where it ends or where you connect.
  • Etihad provides all guests with a Wellness Kit once onboard our flights. This consists of a face mask, gloves and hand gel.
  • Currently, all guests boarding an Etihad flight are required to produce a Negative Covid Test at check-in. Please visit our website for the latest information
  • Maximum Transit Time in AUH is currently 12 hours
  • At present Etihad is unable to uplift guests departing India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

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Flight listing policy and procedures

  • Listing is requited for acceptance priority.
  • Listing should be made through 
  • Once listed Guests can add their PNR in the "Trips" section of the Etihad App which allows for online check in and prority list information. Download the App from the App Store 

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Visas and Passports and API

  • API data is entered into PNRs to avoid last minute data-collection at check-in.
  • Travelling staff/family should ensure that they hold valid passport and relevant visas for their intended destination and/or scheduled point en route, in case off-loading becomes necessary. In the absence of valid passport / visa staff passengers may be denied boarding. 

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  • AUH-SYD flights are embargoed until 15Sep20 due to capacity restrictions into Australia
  • No other flights are embargoed

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Flights excluded

  • EY flights series 1000-8000.

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  • Irrespective of the allowance printed on your ticket the baggage allowance will be as follows:
  • Economy Class - 23kg except to/from USA & Canada where the allowance is 2pc at 23kg per piece 
  • Business Class - 40kg except to/from USA & Canada where the allowance is 2pc at 32kg per piece
  • Maximum weight for each chekced in item is 32kg
  • Where airlines provide EY employees with a lower allowance EY reserves the right to reciprocate

Checked baggage

  • As per for the class you are eligible to travel in

Cabin baggage

  • As per for the class you are eligible to travel in

Boarding policy

  • EY staff will have a higher boarding priority over other airline staff holding ZED tickets.

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  • Online through the Etihad App or for all flights and ticket types is mandatory 
  • To view live Flight and Priority List information, while travelling on standby, please download the latest 'Etihad Airways' mobile application from the Apple iTunes Store. Here you can add your upcoming trips and follow the live information once you have checked in.
  • Guests who recieve a seat number online should proceed to the normal check in desk for the cabin they are checked in to
  • Guests who do not recieve a seat number during the online check in process should proceed to the Standby Check-in desk:
  • In Abu Dhabi for all destinations, please proceed to the Staff Travel Centre located underneath Terminal 3 no later than one hour prior to departure. For departures to the USA guests must be at the Staff Travel Centre at least two hours prior to departure in order to go through Pre Clearance formalities
  • At all other airports, please proceed to the relevant cabin desk in which you are booked.

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Check-in times

  • Minimum of 1 hour before departure 

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Through check-in

  • Firm booked staff can be through checked. Checkin should be made via or the Etihad App
  • Standby Staff should always attempt to web check in prior to airport arrival. If you have been accepted on the flight, you will be provided with a boarding card at web check in. You can then proceed to normal check in process. If you are not provided a boarding pass upon web check in, you will be listed on the priority list, and the airport will be expecting you. 

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Dress code

  • When travelling on Staff Travel benefits you and your family should be appropriately dressed and groomed for your respective cabin. This must meet the Etihad image and should be in accordance with the conservative public standard in the UAE

Staff Guests should wear:

  • Smart Casual or UAE National Dress. 
  • Smart jeans, trainers and t-shirts are allowed

Not Permitted Dress Items

  • Worn out, dirty, torn or ripped clothing
  • Beach attire including shorts, flip-flops or rubber shoes
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Jogging or track suits
  • Leggings
  • Clothing should not be transparent, over revealing, tight or offensive. Shoulders must be covered. Skirt hem must be at knee length or lower
  • Jeans and trainers/sport shoes are not permitted in First Class

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Special service requests

  • Wheelchair is acceptable but no other special requests can be accepted.

Special meals

  • Not applicable for standby staff.

Seat requests

  • Not applicable for staff guests.

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Useful extra information

Infant safety seats

  • Not applicable to interline staff guests.

Unaccompanied minors

  • Not permitted.

Upgrade policy

  • The Class indicated on your ticket in the highest class into which you can be accepted. Our Guest Servies Staff and Cabin Crew are not permitted to accommodate a guest in a higher class than ticketed.


  • Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended for passengers own benefit.

Back-up tickets

  • EY expects all interline employees to carry back up tickets.

Aircraft configurations

  • As per