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Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, CX

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CX/KA – Staff Travel during New Check-in System Implementation from June to December 2014

Dear ZED/oneworld partners,

From June to December 2014, Cathay Pacific (CX) and Dragonair (KA) airports will start using the new check-in system Altéa Customer Management (CM) on a port by port basis.

Due to this, we recommend staff travellers avoid non-essential travel during the implementation period.  If travel cannot be avoided, we recommend staff travellers arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure.  It is anticipated that disruptions may occur.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your kind understanding.

Thanks and regards,

CX/KA Staff Travel 


Port Dates Port Dates
ADL 24 – 25 Nov KMG 7 – 8 Nov
BAH 27 – 28 Nov LAX 10 – 11 Nov
BKK 25 – 26 Nov LHR 12 – 13 Nov
BNE 24 – 25 Nov MAA 7 – 8 Nov
CCU 6 – 7 Nov MAN 8 – 9 Dec
CDG 14 – 15 Nov MEL 24 – 25 Nov
CGK 14 – 15 Nov MXP 3 – 4 Nov
CJU 11 – 12 Dec NGB 5 – 6 Nov
CMB 25 – 26 Nov NGO 28 – 29 Nov
CNS 26 – 27 Nov NRT 28 – 29 Nov
DEL 25 – 26 Nov OKA 11 – 12 Dec
DOH 7 – 8 Nov ORD 3 – 4 Nov
DXB 27 – 28 Nov RUH 11 – 12 Nov
EWR 14 – 15 Nov SIN 25 – 26 Nov
FCO 12 – 13 Nov SYX 8 – 9 Dec
FOC 5 – 6 Nov TAO 7 – 8 Nov
FUK 28 – 29 Nov TPE 28 – 29 Nov
HAK 10 – 11 Nov WNZ 3 – 4 Nov
HKG (CX)** 13 – 29 Nov XIY 10 – 11 Nov
ICN 28 – 29 Nov YVR 13 – 14 Nov
JFK 13 – 14 Nov YYZ 12 – 13 Nov
KIX 28 – 29 Nov    

 **Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific implementation

Implementation will occur in a staggered approach by the following destinations. During this time (between 13 and 28 November), there will be alternative check-in arrangements for all Cathay Pacific flights.


Dates Flights departing to:

13 November JFK, JNB, LHR, MNL, PEK, PVG, SYD and YVR

24 November ADL, AKL, BNE, CNS, EWR, LAX, MEL, PER, ORD, SFO and YYZ

25 November BKK, BOM, CMB, DEL, HYD, MAA and SIN


28 November CTS, FUK, HND, ICN, KIX, NGO, NRT and TPE

Last updated on 30 October 2014



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Flight listing policy and procedures 

  • If your airline has a Staff Travel Interline Electronic Ticket Agreement (STIET)with CX, you MUST arrange listing by visiting this website and please show up at the respective CX airport services counter no later than 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.
  • You have purchased tickets via myIDTravel for CX, your listing has been arranged online at the time of ticketing. 
  • If you do not have your airlines's log-in to access myIDTravel for CX, please contact your carrier's staff travel coordinator.
  • If you are holding a Traditional Paper Ticket for CX, listing is not required and please show up and register at the respective airport services counter 120 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure. Please be reminded that Traditional Paper Tickets will remain in use where a specific bilateral arrangement exists between CX/KA and the carrier(s) concerned.
  • If you are listed and your travel plan is changed, please cancel any unwanted listing via myIDTravel for CX at the earliest possible date in order to avoid wastage of meals and any additional costs for the transporting airlines.  

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Visas and Passports and API

  • Passengers must possess valid tickets and proper travel documents (including valid visas / entry permit if required) for all countries to or via which they travel, unless an exemption to that effect is granted by the country authorities.
  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months, while travel visa and/or entry permit must be valid for the period of stay or beyond depending on the country concerned.
  • Failure to comply with the standard requirement may result in problems with passenger processing and refusal for entry.

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Flights Excluded

  • CX flights not operated by CX aircraft; Joint Venture flights; Code Share flights; Chartered flights; and Domestic Sectors within a Country (eg. KUL-PEN).
  • Flight range between CX1000-1999, 6000-7999 and 9000-9999.

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  • To be advised

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Dress code

  • ID passengers should be dressed in accordance with public standards of good taste. This will normally mean attire suitable for an office, or smart casual wear. It excludes jeans, T-shirts, sweat-shirts, shorts, gym shoes, and similar extremes of casual wear.
  • Dress standards are enforced at airports and our Airport Services staff have the final say on what is or is not acceptable dress and if the standard of dress is improper the ID passenger will not be accepted for boarding.

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Checked Baggage

  • Checked Baggage Allowance for all ID passengers travelling with ID tickets shall be either 1 piece on services where the piece system applies or 20KG on all other services.

Cabin Baggage


  • If you are holding Staff Interline Electronic Ticket and listed on any CX flight via, please show up at CX airport services counter no later than 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If you are holding a Traditional Paper Ticket for CX, listing is not required and please show up at airport services counter 120 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure

Through check-in

  • Not available


  • ID passengers who have been accepted for boarding should arrive at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before flight departure.

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Special requestes

Special meals

  • Special meals are not available to any standby passengers. If you have specific dietary needs or preferences, you should carry on board your own provisions.

Unaccompanied minors

  • ID passengers who are under the age of 16 must travel accompanied by an adult holding the same type of ticket.

Upgrade policy

  • ID passengers are not allowed to request up-grading.



  • CX recommends all ID passengers to arrange comprehensive insurance. 

Back-up tickets

  • ID passengers are expected to purchase all tickets that are likely to require from own airline.
  • CX will not issue any rebate tickets for ID passengers from interlines.

Aircraft configurations