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Société Air France, AF

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Before departure, please always consult AF website ( to have knowledge of legal conditions when booking on AF flights and to check if your flight is operated.

It is highly recommended as well to check country of destination immigration requirements (ex: recently published South Africa requirements about minors). Air France is not responsible for any missing documents from passengers.

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Flight listing policy and procedures

Listing/booking on AF flights is authorized only 30 days before travel date.

Listing is mandatory for IET ZED partners only via (login and password are mentioned in ZED agreement)

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Refund policy for confirmed leisure tickets

For confirmed leisure tickets below refund rules apply:

- reservations must be cancelled 10 days prior to departure on laug haul (zone 4 to 9) and 5 days for European/domestic flights (zone 1 to 3), should transportation not be required

- refunds after the above period are not permitted, except for taxes shown on ticket.

- No penalties apply

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Out-of-sequence AF policy:

Air France does not accept the use of tickets out-of-sequence. Please note that in case of any issues resulting from such a use, Air France will not accept to receive any claims. To avoid any trouble, please advise your staff to purchase One-Way coupons.

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Ticketing instruction for 2 sectors flights operated under same number:

Air France operates a few destinations with 2 sectors and same flight number, i.e. CDG-PPT-CDG (with a stop in LAX) . In such case, one ticket is accepted. Please note that the staff can only be accepted to final destination at the departure airport, if there is enough space available for the 2 sectors.

If the staff chooses to buy 2 tickets (one for each sector), the acceptance may be easier but baggage need to be collected at the intermediate stop.

NB: CDG-PPT-CDG is either operated with 1 flight number, or 2 flight numbers.

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Embargoes :

No applicable embargoes

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Flights excluded:

All code-share flights are excluded, including AF block seats allotments when flight operated by the other carrier (XX:AF)

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Flights included:

All flights leased by AF from other carriers, especially from DB, YS, AN and WX as well are eligible: XX*AF coded flights within GDS

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Baggage policy:

Before departure, please always consult AF website ( to have knowledge of prohibited items.

Applicable baggage allowance is indicated on the itinerary receipt (1PC of 23kg maximum).

Only hand luggage complying with following conditions will be accepted on board: 1 hand luggage 35x55x25cm + 1 accessory with a total weight of 12kg maximum.
In case of non compliance, hand luggage will be collected at boarding gate and put in the hold.

No through checking of baggage is allowed on connecting flight when travelling with stand-by tickets.

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Pets in cabine are not accepted

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Unaccompanied minors (UM)

Complying with ZED rules, AF does not accept unaccompanied minors for interline travel. 

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Dress Code

Employees are asked to always wear clothing that is clean and neat.

Clothing may not be offensive of distracting to other passengers.This means clothing that's overly revealing, vulgar, or violates community standards

of decency.Parents must watch over the way their children are dressed and the way they behave.