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Air North Partnership, 4N

Covid19 Update:

Flights continue to link The Yukon with Vancouver. All flights between Whitehorse/Alberta, Vancouver/Kelowna, Vancouver/Victoria are suspended until mid Summer 2020.

All ZED partners now have access to R1/Confirm for employee, spouse/common law, and children at Zed Medium fares.  see below for more information on R1/Confirm policies.

Air North Interline/ZED Travel policies

**Note**  Air North confirmation numbers may not match as we use two different systems.  All myIDTravel related bookings have 6 digits, while others may have 8.  


All listings for nonrev travel should be completed via your airline pass bureau/travel department or in myIDTravel. 


All nonrev guests should check-in at least 60 minutes prior to departure at the Air North ticket counter.  We do not offer online check-in for non-revenue guests.


All nonrev guests are welcome to 1 carry-on (standard IATA dimensions & 10 kg/22 pounds) and 2 checked bags, not to exceed 23 kg/50 pounds. No baggage can exceed 32 kg/70 pounds.  Excess luggage over the free travel allowance is charged at $30 CAD + taxes.  All luggage for nonrev guests fly on a space-available basis.


All guests, regardless of revenue or nonrev, must have government issued identification when traveling on Air North.  Airline identification is not required.  Please remove all lanyards & IDs after checking in at the counter, and when onboard the aircraft.

Dress Code

Air North participates in Dress to Impress - business casual attire in clean/good taste.  T shirts, flip flops, and other relaxed dress attire is not recommended on Air North.  Our team members may ask you or your eligibles to change if you don't meet minimum requirements of Dress To Impress.  


Changes to your listing must be handled in the myIDTravel portal.   Confirm (R1) guests MUST cancel or change their listing prior to departure, as no-show penalty will apply to Confirmed guests.


Refunds are processed once you CANCEL your listing in myIDTravel.  Refunds might take up to 14 days to process.   


Not all guests may be cleared for a flight. The gate agent will clear you and assign your seat based on time of checkin should we be able to accomodate you.  Our team will do its best to assist you in the event you do not clear the flight.   Flights may depart early, so its important you are at the gate no less than 30 minutes prior to departure.  Please do not ask revenue guests to change seats to accomodate you should your party not receive seats together.

On Board Services

As a nonrev guest, we ask that you blend in with all of our revenue customers.  Please remove all lanyards/IDs before boarding (unless you are an additional crew member/jumpseater) and refrain from discussing airline business while on the flight.  You are welcome to partake in our free onboard meal offerings & cookies/cheesecake should provisions allow.   We do serve alcoholic beverages for $5 CAD each, please bring cash.   We do not accept credit cards on board.  Alcoholic drinks are not comp'd to airline staff and eligibles.

Unaccompanied Minor Travel

Air North does not accept UMs as ZED travelers.  Children must be at the age of 12 to fly without an adult.


Non-revenue travelers must adhere to current Pets & Jets policy.

Confirmed Travel/R1

Airlines with reciprocal CONFIRM travel with Air North may book R1 Confirm via myIDTravel.   Due to our reservation system, these bookings must be completed at least 24 hours before departure.  If seats are not available for CONFIRM (don't trust the smiley), it will give you a booking error and not offer a price.  ZED Confirm bookings are subject to available inventory.   If you need to cancel, please make all attempts to do so prior to departure to avoid a NO SHOW status.  You may contact Air North for seat assignments subject to a $15 CAD + tax fee per seat on our JET flights - our call center is available by calling +1 867.668.2228.